Summer in Tsukuba

After a while, I have the chance to update my Weblog again. This summer I am a visiting scholar at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. Hopefully, I will write about my research activities in here.

Happy New Year

This is 21 of March again and another New Iranian Year begins. I wish you all a wonderful year full of happiness and success. Happy Nowrouz and Happy New Year!

EBLIP New Issue

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice has just published its
latest issue at here.

Reading Octagon

I have recently published a paper about my idea of "Reading Octagon". I am looking forward to hearing your comments about it.

Surrounded by Theses and Dissertations!

This week I have been involved in several thesis related activities. Today I was the external examiner for a master dissertation about self archiving patterns of highly productive scholars in science and social science areas. Also, today I accepted to be the adviser of a PhD thesis on the cognitive aspects of scholars’ information seeking behaviors. Moreover, yesterday one of my students passed his viva and his dissertation was about evaluation of an e-learning system in the field of entrepreneurship management. Furthermore, in this week I became the adviser of another PhD study about semantic networks of core concepts in Hafiz poets with an ontological view on this issue. Finally, during this week, I had a workshop on thesis writing skills!

TPDL 2011

International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) will take place September 26-28, 2011 in Berlin. TPDL 2011 is organized by the Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin (Berlin School of Library and Information Science, the Computer and Media Services and the Department of Computer Science). The conference main themes include:

Foundations: Technology and Methodologies

• Digital libraries: architectures and infrastructures
• Metadata standards and protocols in digital library systems
• Interoperability in digital libraries, data and information integration
• Distributed and collaborative information spaces
• Systems, algorithms, and models for digital preservation
• Personalization in digital libraries
• Information access: retrieval and browsing
• Information organization
• Information visualization
• Multimedia information management and retrieval
• Multilinguality in digital libraries
• Knowledge organization and ontologies in digital libraries

Digital Humanities

• Digital librari…