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Qualitative Studies in LIS Research

Recently I had another interview with IBNA on the issue of existing approaches in LIS research. In this interview, I mentioned that until now most of the LIS studies in the country have been adopting quantitative approaches and we need to do more research with qualitative methods to make a reasonable balance between these two paradigms. You can see the full transcription of the interview on IBNA website at here.

100 Hints in Writing a Dissertation

Yesterday I was one of the speakers at the first festival of Iranian LIS students. This event was held at the National Library of Iran and was organized by ADKA to announce the outstanding dissertations, most successful student associations, and the best student journals in Iranian LIS. In this speech I delivered a presentation entitled “100 Hints in Writing a Dissertation”. I’ll upload the PowerPoint file on my homepage soon.

Quality in Qualitative Research

Last week I had another workshop on the basics of qualitative research in social science. The workshop went very well and I enjoyed of our discussion on theoretical frameworks and practical procedures of qualitative research. However, as most of the participants were more familiar with quantitative paradigm one of their main concerns was the trustworthiness of researchers' interpretation in qualitative research and how scientific and how useful this approach is in reality. I think, if we try to evaluate the credibility of research findings in qualitative research with similar tools of quantitative approach, these questions remain unanswered. I'll write more about this issue later on.