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Searcher II: Job Description

This is an example of new job description for librarians in a job called Searcher II ... Analyzes search request to determine requirements and strategy, develops and modifies complex search strategies to conduct searches of electronic resources, reviews and prepares search results for customer in specified formats, uses independent judgment in selecting from a wide variety of electronic databases, fluently uses search tools offered by a number of vendors as well as in house systems to develop complex search strategies and conduct the searches, responds to requests requiring difficult and comprehensive searches for information through the use of primary and secondary sources, both current and retrospective, ephemeral materials, and/or information not readily available in published form, identifies, examines, and evaluates major publications and tools in scientific and technical areas covered by the centre to which they are assigned, acts as a back up for reference staff in provision or…

Information Literacy in Germany

Konstanz Workshop on Information Literacy will be held in 8th and 9th November 2007, in Konstanz (Germany). The main topics includes methods and measures for improving the IL of advanced users, assessment and evaluation of IL skills, field reports, best-practice-examples and results for subsequent use, the integration of IL into the curricula of master and doctoral programmes. More Information on the workshop is available at this address.

2nd Call for Contribution

I had posted a Call for Contribution in 25th March on the weblog. As I have not received enough responses yet, I repeat it here to hopefully get more answers.
I would like to explore some of the questions that I have had in my mind since I began reading weblogs and developing my own blog. There are many unanswered questions about the influence of weblogs on different groups of society including LIS people (e.g. academics, practitioners, students and librarians) that need to be answered. In this study I am using a simple method. I use my own weblog to call for contribution and collect the data. In fact, the blogger collects data in blogsphere, among blogger community and about blogging. I have ten questions as follows. If you like to contribute in this study please briefly answer the following questions and email your answers to me: y.mansourian at by the end of May 2007.If you wish to take part in this study your name will not appear in any report resulting from this study a…


I organized and ran a workshop at IranDoc last week on information literacy skills for social science students. I also had another workshop today for a group of academics who mainly were from engineering areas about how to write and publish papers. Running workshops is an energy consuming job because you have to focus and talk on a specific issue for hours. However, I think this is an efficient way to explore an idea with a group of people. Of course, the success of a workshop depends on the level of interaction between the workshop organizer and the participants.