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Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction

The 4th Annual Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval (HCIR 2010) will be held in conjunction the IIiX 2010 conference in New Brunswick, New Jersey on August 22, 2010.

Happy Nowrouz 1389

Happy Nowrouz and Happy New Year, with the best wishes! I hope this year brings health, success and happiness for everyone. Today is the tenth day of the new year and after a few days holiday, I am getting back to normal. My New Year's resolution is: "eating less, and working more!"

An Action Research Example

The following paper was published recently:

Mansourian, Y. (2010), Evolving perceptions of LIS students about their discipline: An action research with inquiry-based learning approach, Library Review, Vol. 59, No. 3, PP. 185 - 197.

Digital Curation Curricula

The Journal of Education for Library and Information Science is going to publish a special issue on “Digital Library and Digital Curation Curricula”. In the journal’s call for paper, you read as follows: “ ... enormous quantities of data are constantly being produced and stored electronically: the volume of born-digital data far outstrips print, mass digitization efforts are being launched by institutions of all kinds, and personal devices that can capture images and video are commonplace. In this new environment, it is becoming increasingly clear that libraries, archives, and museums – indeed, cultural heritage institutions of all types – face shared challenges. In response, these disciplines – library and information science, archival studies, and museum studies – increasingly share overlapping educational goals. Only in the past five years or so, however, have significant efforts been launched in these programs to develop curricula to identify and meet these educational goals. We e…


LISNA (Library and Information Science News Agency) was officially launched yesterday. It aims to cover events in the LIS area including conferences' news, new LIS publications, library services, LIS related activities in various organizations and so on.

Hopes and Doubts in Qualitative Research

I recently wrote a paper, “Researchers’ Hopes and Doubts to Qualitative Approach in their Research Process” which summarizes my opinion about the ups and downs that we usually face in a research journey . In this paper I explored the strengths and weaknesses of this approach in the early, middle and final stages of research projects. The bibliographic information of the paper is as follows:

Mansourian, Y. (2010). Researchers’ Hopes and Doubts to Qualitative Approach in their Research Process, Kolliyat, No 147, PP. 60-66.

New Horizons in LIS Research

I just arrived home after a busy day, as the executive director of the conference on “Research in Library and Information Science: Approaches, Procedures and Implications". I also had a presentation over there entitled “Qualitative Approach and New Horizons in LIS Research”. The conference’s news is already available on a number of news agencies including IBNA (Iranian Book News Agency) in this and this links.