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Future of the Web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the web, director of the World Wide Web Consortium, Senior Researcher at MIT's CSAIL, and Professor of Computer Science at Southampton ECS presented a lecture about the future of the web at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). If you wish to listen to this lecture have a look here. I am listening to the lecture through this link now and am excited because of having a chance to hear the voice of the inventor of the web on the web. It is difficult to say how wonderful the web is. Obviously, now we can not imagine everyday life without the web. It is so interwoven with many aspects of the life. You know better than me anyway.

Happy Nowrouz and Happy New Year

Today is Nowrouz which is the celebration time for the arrival of Persian New Years day. I congratulate it to all readers of this Weblog. Twenty first of March is the beginning of spring and the beginning of official year in my country. Although I am in England now and working as a normal day in my office, Nowrouz is a very special day for me and I always feel it in my heart wherever I am in 21 of March.

Veracity on the web

I remember in 1999 when I was going to decide on my MA dissertation in LIS my first choice was developing criteria for evaluation of websites in general and for library websites in particular. I even wrote a paper on this issue seven years ago. It was a new topic in those days and I was very enthusiastic about it. Nevertheless, regretfully I changed my mind and did my master research on users’ satisfaction on computerised facilities on academic libraries. Of course users’ satisfaction also was a very interesting topic to research and I liked the idea and still do. However, I also like the idea of source evaluation on the web because it seems to me a fruitful ground for research. Despite the fact that many papers have been published on this issue and we know much about it, still many web users are not aware of its importance. This site is an example of thousands resources that would be useful to learn about it. The site is one of the early ones that I have seen but still one of the bes…


To all interested in the upcoming ITiCSE 2006 conference in Bologna, Italy, June 26-28, 2006.

Digital Genre

Second International Workshop on Digital Genre will be held at the Halmstad University in Halmstad, Sweden in June 15-16, 2006. For more information visit the workshop’s website.