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Final Days of the Semester

These days I am busy with marking a pile of exam papers and reading my students' assignments. This is very encouraging for me that some of them have done their coursework very well which shows their enthusiasm for learning. Hopefully, in the next semesters I can involve them with more inquiry-based and reflective learning tasks to prepare them to be independent and lifelong learners.

Improving Non English Web Searching

The 2nd ACM International Workshop on ‘Improving Non English Web Searching’ will be held in conjunction with ACM CIKM 2008. The main aims of this workshop are to identify the problems in web searching when working with non-English languages and to propose solutions and tools so as to improve web retrieval systems.

Exams Time

June came and this is the exam time again. Now, I am preparing my exams for the next week and will be busy very soon with a pile of papers to mark.