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Instant Homepage

I developed an instant homepage in new Google Page facilities. This is the link to it. Why I call it "instant" because Google page creator is like an instant coffee maker. It would take less than an hour to set up a homepage. What you need is the contents of your pages and all technical stuff has already been sorted out. It seems to me like Weblog facilities really.

Search Strategy

Developing a proper search strategy is a pivotal skill to succeed a search procedure. In fact, this expertise is considered as one of the key abilities for information literate people and it requires some skills including a reasonable level of familiarity with existing search tools. is a helpful website that covers a great ground in this issue. For example, in the page entitled “Information Literacy: Search Strategies” you will find an interesting table that provides you with many useful search tools based on the type of your information needs. When you employ an appropriate search tool you will notice how suitability of the employed search tool with your information needs can make a difference in your search results.

Blogsphere is taking shape on the web environment. Scattered weblogs are identifying common grounds with each other to form new categories in the growing blogsphere. is an example of new directories about weblogs. covers various weblogs with different subject but exclusively includes those weblogs which are developed by PhD students. The invisible web weblog just recently joined


The tenth anniversary of Ariadne has been announced by publication a special issue to provide its reader with an overview of the progress in IT in libraries and higher education, mainly in the UK over the past ten years.


I was looking for a paper published in 1955 that means 51 years ago! I knew it is so unlikely to find it on the web. However, I tried once and fortuitously found it in a few minutes. The site that I used for this purpose was JSTOR. I would suggest you at least try it once. It is free.