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My Recent Workshops and Presentations

Last week I had a workshop at IranDoc about Information Literacy for medical & health science students. Yesterday, I made a speech at the National Library of Iran about the first phase of my PhD to introduce the first model that I have developed during my research in Sheffield. At the end of the presentation some of the participants made interesting comments and asked some questions about the model and I addressed their comments and questions.


I attended a conference in Birjand city from 16 to 17 may called "Information, Informology and Society". As part the conference programs, I delivered a workshop for the participants about the basics of Webometrics. In my workshop I explored the definition of Webometrics and its links to some broader areas including Scientometrics and Informetrics. Two friends of mine, Alireza Nourozi and Kayvan Koosha, work in this area. Professor Mike Thelwall is also a very well-known researcher in this area.

My Recent Workshops and Panels

During these days I was busy with running different workshops and participation in some research panels. Of course, meanwhile I was involved in my routine teaching and research activities at my university as well.
1. I had another workshop about the invisible web at Irandoc on last Wednesday and Thursday (2 and 3 May 2007). Twenty participants, who were mainly from different academic libraries in Tehran and other cities, took part in the workshop and I explored different aspects of the invisible web over this two-day workshop.
2. I also participated in a panel yesterday (6 May) about the role of Information Literacy in the development of Iran at Tehran International Book Fair.
3. I had a workshop about advanced method of web searching for students in the department of educational technology.
4. I will have a two-day workshop about the basics of Information Literacy at Irandoc in the near future.

Another Workshop

I ran another workshop in the Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy on last Thursday 26 April 2007. The workshop was about the basics of Information Literacy. The participants were very enthusiastic about the topic and I received very encouraging comments. Their comments and participation in the discussions showed that there are plenty to say about different aspects of Information Literacy in various contexts.