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In the recent ILISA meeting we shared the responsibilities of different committees among the members of the board. I have been appointed as the director of the Research Committee and the assistant director of the Educational Committee. We are going to expand our research and educational activities. As a result, if you are working in any parts of the Iranian LIS community and would like to assist ILISA in its research or educational activities, please contact us.

LIS Research Showcase 2007

If you would like to see an example of successful LIS schools you might take a look at the latest research projects of LIS researchers at the Rutgers School of Communication, Information and Library Studies at this address. This event celebrates the 25th Anniversary Year of the school and 80 years of library education at Rutgers (1927-2007). This school is interesting for me because of the diversity of the activities that they do which covers a wide range of studies from technical IR research to user-oriented areas in LIS. The Department of Information Studies in Sheffield, where I did my PhD, also is another example of successful LIS schools.

Workshop's Report

I ran my workshop about the invisible web at Irandoc and in my opinion it was very successful. Twenty participants took part in the workshop during two days and they showed their enthusiasm about the topic by their active participation in the discussions and practices. Most of them were academic librarians and mangers of libraries from different parts of Iran. It was very encouraging for me that they participated in the discussion so enthusiastically. I will run the same workshop at Irandoc for another group in the next week.

Call for Paper

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new interdisciplinary journal which is called "Quarterly of Psychology and Information Science". The journal's language is Persian and is partially sponsored by Tarbiat Moallem University. I work as the executive director of the journal and also a member of the editorial board. The first issue is almost ready for publication and will be out soon. As we cover both psychology and information science in two section of the journal all papers which are related in different aspects of these two subjects will be consider for review. If you would like to contribute in the journal please send your manuscript to me at mansourian @ Perhaps it seems rather odd that why in the era of specialized journals why we cover these two broad subjects. The reason is the interdisciplinary nature of Psychology and Information Science. Therefore, we supposed having a journal which covers both subjects might make some sorts of links between them.


I am going to run a two-day workshop in 18 and 19 April at IRANDOC centre. The workshop's title is "An Introduction to the Invisible Web Phenomenon and the Theory of Information Invisibility on the Web". For more information about the registration in the workshop please contact the education section of IRANDOC at: edu @

Gmail Print

Gmail print is a new service introduced by gmail. For more information please have a look at this address.