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ISHIMR 2007 will be held in Sheffiled. The theme of the conference is “From Research to Development to Implementation: Challenges in Health Informatics and Health Information Management.”

Paper in TEL

Dr. Madden and I have published a paper in TEL

Mansourian, Y. and Madden, A. D. (2007). Methodological approaches in web search research. The Electronic Library. Vol. 25 No. 1, pp. 90-101.

Purpose – This paper seeks to review the methodologies employed by researchers working in the field of information seeking on the web. It aims to present an overall picture of the research methods used in the area, in a way that will be of value to anyone seeking to design research-based studies of web searching. Design/methodology/approach – A review of the past 11 years of research on information seeking on the web was carried out. The paper focuses mainly on the methodological approaches adopted by researchers, but, where relevant, studies of different aspects of user interaction with web-based search tools are considered. Findings – The area is growing fast and the number of studies has been increasing steadily. A variety of research methods was employed in the studies reviewed here. Howe…

My Unfinished & Invisible Publications

I was sorting out some of my old stuff including a pile of papers and journals from many years ago. I bumped into some of my writings and even publications that I had forgotten that I have ever written them. Some of this stuff was buried under huge piles of papers and I did not manage to publish. Nevertheless, I have published some of them that I have totally forgotten. For example, in 2002 I have published an article in ILISA newsletter with the following details:

Mansourian, Y. (2002). Library and Information Science Portals: A Selection of Subject Gateways of Librarians on the Web. ILISA Newsletter. Vol. 1, No. 5, pp. 23-27.

P.S. ILISA newsletter is published by Iranian Library and Information Science Association.

Journal of Information Literacy

The first peer-reviewed journal which is exclusively dedicated to Information Literacy and the related topics was launched by the CILIP CSG-Information Literacy Group. The journal which is called "Journal of Information Literacy" (JIL) is now available from the Information Literacy website. According to their announcement, "... JIL is an international, peer-reviewed, academic journal that aims to investigate Information Literacy (IL) within a wide range of settings. Papers on any topic related to the practical, technological or philosophical issues raised by the attempt to increase information literacy throughout society are encouraged. JIL is published in electronic format only and is an open-access title". My PhD supervisor, Sheila Webber, is the editor and I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate her for the launch of the journal.