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LCSH on the Web

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) is publicly available on the Web and enables all Web users to search among 364,448 subject authority records. You can access to this service in this address.

Information: A Fundamental Construct

A draft copy of “Information: A Fundamental Construct” written by Robert B. Allen is available by open access at this address. The book includes the following chapters: Information, Category-Based Models for Knowledge Representation, Documents, Descriptions, and Organizing Information Resources, Finding and Using Information, Human Information Processing, Cognition, Emotion, and Interaction with Computers, Social Interaction, Language and Communication, Information System Architectures and Services, Social Informatics and Economics, Scholarship, Science, Data Services, and Domain Informatics, Text, Text Processing, and Search Engines, and Multimedia, Hypermedia, and Simulation.

Variations in Reading Behaviours

“Variations in Reading Behaviours: What Makes a Difference?” is the title of Professor Carol Tenopir’s lecture in honour and memory of Stephen and Marion Johnson in the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, at the University of British Columbia, on November 12. The abstract of this talk shows interesting findings about academic reading patterns such as: “... academics read more articles on average now than in the past, but spend less time on each reading. They search for and read scholarly articles for many reasons, including research, teaching, and current awareness and access articles from print and electronic library journal collections, personal print and electronic subscriptions, from authors and colleagues, and from the open web. Overall averages show changes over time, but reading patterns vary depending on some personal characteristics of readers, such as academic department, work responsibilities, and age, and by some characteristics of the individual reading,…

ICDL 2010

International Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL) with the theme of “Shaping the Information Paradigm” will take place in New Delhi 23–26 February 2010. The conference’s topics include: DL development, architecture, and management, contents management in DL, interoperability issues, digital rights management, digital preservation and access management, semantic web, KM (knowledge management) and organizational repositories, e-learning and e-publishing, DL standards and policy, open archives initiatives, ODOL (Open distance online learning), multimedia content, virtual support to distance learners, e-resources management for distance learners, access management and m-learning technology.

PIM Workshop 2009

Personal Information Management Workshop 2009 will take place in November 7-8, 2009, in Vancouver. According to the workshop's website: “Personal information management (PIM) is the practice and study of the activities people perform to acquire, organize, maintain, and retrieve information for everyday use. PIM is a growing area of interest as we all strive for better use of our limited personal resources of time, money, and energy, as well as greater workplace efficiency and productivity. Good research on the topic is being done in several disciplines, including human-computer interaction, database management, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence. This workshop will continue momentum towards building a community of researchers doing PIM-related research.”