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Old Entries

Recently I was thinking how I can bring my old Weblog back to the web. Of course, it will never be the same because what I have written in 2003 might be a bit out-of-date today. However, these old entries are the history of my blogging experience I would like to keep them somehow. As I said in the first entry in the new Weblog I have been developing my Weblog about the invisible web since August 2003 and in June 2005 it disappeared from the web because of a technical problem. Anyway, I suppose the easiest way is to gradually upload the old entries here. Although I do not have the back up of all the entries, I have some of them. So, this is the first one.


Welcome to the Invisible Web Weblog ( Published in 21 August 2003)

This is my first piece of writing for this Weblog. Naturally, at the first entry I should say who I am and what I decide to publish here. O.K, first of all please let me to introduce myself. I am a PhD research student in the department of Infor…

Going beyond Google

CILIP is going to hold a workshop about the invisible web called Going beyond Google in 25 October 2005 in London. For more details please follow this link.