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Recently I was thinking how I can bring my old Weblog back to the web. Of course, it will never be the same because what I have written in 2003 might be a bit out-of-date today. However, these old entries are the history of my blogging experience I would like to keep them somehow. As I said in the first entry in the new Weblog I have been developing my Weblog about the invisible web since August 2003 and in June 2005 it disappeared from the web because of a technical problem. Anyway, I suppose the easiest way is to gradually upload the old entries here. Although I do not have the back up of all the entries, I have some of them. So, this is the first one.


Welcome to the Invisible Web Weblog ( Published in 21 August 2003)

This is my first piece of writing for this Weblog. Naturally, at the first entry I should say who I am and what I decide to publish here. O.K, first of all please let me to introduce myself. I am a PhD research student in the department of Information Studies at the University of Sheffield. I started my study in this department since February 2003. The invisible Web or in fact, the invisibility of information on the Web, is my research topic. Actually, I have been familiar with this issue since about three years ago. So, before I formally began my research, I was acquainted with the concept of invisibility on the Web. Now, it is my major research topic. I am going to develop this Weblog to construct an up-to-date source about almost everything in relation to the invisible Web. Although it seems like an ambitious aim, but I am not worried about it because I know how ambition makes people diligent! I hope this Weblog can provide its readers with at least an introduction to this area of research. Now, what is the invisible Web? Perhaps this phrase is new for you. It is expected because; invisible Web has remained quite invisible on related studies so far.I am developing this Weblog in order to share my information with the other people who are interested in this area and also I hope I can build a gateway for different resources related to the invisibility on the Web.
I selected Weblog as device for this purpose because personally, I like blogging and I think it is one of the best Web-based facilities. I have already written my viewpoint about this phenomenon. If you like to know about it, please have a look at here.If you have any suggestion or comment to improve the Weblog, please let me know.

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