Why I am Here

I used to have a nice weblog over the last two years (between August 2003 to June 2005). My old weblog looked like this and it was about my PhD research which is the Invisible Web. However, for a technical reason the server which was its host went off forever and my weblog disappeared from the web. There were more than 170 entries about the phenomenon of the Invisible Web that I had written over the last two years. I liked my weblog very much because it was my learning journal as well and I could see the progress of my research over there. In addition, it was a real hub on this topic and I made hundreds of links to the related materials. Sadly, all these useful materials disappeared now. Unfortunately, I have just backup of a few entries and the remaining left on the invisible web now. I made this weblog here temporarily to find a solution for this problem and then looking for a new permanent home for the invisible web weblog.


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