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iConference 2009

The iConference 2009; iSociety: research, education, engagement will take place in February 8-11, 2009 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is the Program Schedule.

Online Social Networking

Online Social Networking on Campus: Understanding What Matters in Student Culture is the title of a new book written by Ana M. Martínez Alemán, and Katherine Lynk Wartman. The book examines college students' use of online social networking sites and how they use these.

Exam Time

The Autumn semester ends soon and in 10 days I will have to mark a pile of exam papers and coursework. In the next semester I am going to teach various modules including principles of LIS, research methods, statistics, library buildings and equipments, and English LIS texts.

The Third Interview with IBNA

This is my third interview with IBNA (Iranian Books News Agency) during these days. In this interview I have explained my ideas on the various areas that librarians can play their role as information specialists. I believe librarians should not limit themselves to libraries and they can rely on their abilities to provide a vast group of people with their services. You can read this interview here.

2009 Arrived

This is the first day of 2009 and I say Happy New Year to the readers of my weblog. I hope this year brings success and happiness for everyone.