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IFLA 2010: World Library and Information Congress

The 76th IFLA General Conference and Assembly will be held from 10 to 15 August 2010, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event’s theme is "Open Access to Knowledge: Promoting Sustainable Progress". More details are available on IFLA website.

How Scientometrics Helps LIS Dynamism

Today in an interview with IBNA, I talked about how information professionals can contribute in scientometrics research to play new roles in various scientific activities. The full transcription of this interview is available on this link.

ISSI 2011 in Durban

13th ISSI (International Society for Scientometrics and Infometrics) Conference will take place in Durban, South Africa from 4th to 8th July 2011. The conference topics include: theory, methods and techniques in Scientometrics and Infometrics, citation and co-citation analysis, indicators, Webometrics, mapping & visualization, research policy, productivity & publications, journals, databases and electronic publications, scholar collaborations, country level studies and patent analysis. For more details, please have a look at the conference’s website.

Science in Scientometrics Scale

I have written a column in IBNA today entitled “Science in Scientometrics Scale”. In this brief note, I explained that, regarding the dynamic and multi-faceted nature of science and science progress, this is a very challenging and difficult task to quantify scientific achievements. I believe Scientometrics will be more successful if experts in this area can develop more sophisticated and efficient tools to assess the scientific current trends and issues. The full text of this column is available here.