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Web Search Efficacy

The following paper was published recently:

Mansourian, Y. (2008). Web search efficacy: definition and implementation, Aslib Proceedings, Vol. 60, No. 4, pp. 349-363.

Abstract: Purpose – This paper aims to report a number of factors that are perceived by web users as influential elements in their search procedure. The paper introduces a new conceptual measure called “web search efficacy” (hereafter WSE) to evaluate the performance of searches mainly based on users' perceptions.
Design/methodology/approach – A rich dataset of a wider study was inductively re-explored to identify different categories that are perceived influential by web users on the final outcome of their searches. A selective review of the literature was carried out to discover to what extent previous research supports the findings of the current study.
Findings – The analysis of the dataset led to the identification of five categories of influential factors. Within each group different factors have been recognized.…

Workshop at ICSA

Today I had a workshop at the Iranian Curriculum Studies Association (ICSA) on writing skills for academic journals. 20 lectures and researchers from the field of curriculum planning and programming, assessing and some of the other related areas attended there. While running the workshop through the discussions with the participants I learned more about this area of study and the various research interests that they explore. I think there are strong links between what they do and what we aim at the educational aspects of LIS and information literacy research and practice.

Quality of Services in Public Libraries

I recently published a paper in Shirazeh entitled “Evaluation Criteria to Assess the Breadth and Quality of Services in Public Libraries”. Shirazeh is an online newsletter published in Persian by the Iran National Library and covers various aspects of library and information science in Iran. In the first issue of this newsletter, I had an interview talking about my ten years career in LIS and how I became a librarian.