Digital Curation Curricula

The Journal of Education for Library and Information Science is going to publish a special issue on “Digital Library and Digital Curation Curricula”. In the journal’s call for paper, you read as follows: “ ... enormous quantities of data are constantly being produced and stored electronically: the volume of born-digital data far outstrips print, mass digitization efforts are being launched by institutions of all kinds, and personal devices that can capture images and video are commonplace. In this new environment, it is becoming increasingly clear that libraries, archives, and museums – indeed, cultural heritage institutions of all types – face shared challenges. In response, these disciplines – library and information science, archival studies, and museum studies – increasingly share overlapping educational goals. Only in the past five years or so, however, have significant efforts been launched in these programs to develop curricula to identify and meet these educational goals. We encourage researchers and educators in any of these or related disciplines to discuss the development, implementation, or evaluation of entire curricula, individual courses, or professional development programs to meet these educational goals”.

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