Librarians and the Invisible Web

Librarians and information professionals are responsible for classification of information resources and enhancing the level of information accessibility for end users. Regardless the type and format of the resources dissemination of information and making link between users and their information needs are major concerns of people who work as librarians or information experts. Web facilities provide them to play their important role in new format and of course with new perspectives and more effectiveness. As I have already mentioned it, developing subject gateways, portals and any other type of web-based access sources are very helpful in reducing the level of invisibility of information on the Web. Here is a website which shows a successful example of librarians’ role in the electronic environment. Topsy N. Smalley a librarian at Cabrillo College in California who has developed a website acting as a useful gateway of information to many information resources is a good example of the librarians who know their role in the new era. Have a look at this site and its subdivisions like Information Competency, Knowledge Management, Making WebPages, and Internet Tutorials.

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