Online tutorials

Developing online tutorials is one of the new areas of activities for librarians. I personally always like to contribute in developing these kinds of tutorial resources and I do believe a good tutorial can make a difference for its users. For instance, Inflite is a good example of a general online tutorial of information literacy skills which would be useful for anyone who would like to enhance his/her network competence. The website describes the inflite as follow :

“Inflite is an interactive web-based tutorial designed to introduce new college students to a variety of important concepts related to the use of information resources in an academic setting. inflite is intended to help students maximize their ability to effectively use the UE Libraries information resources.

inflite consists of six sections including identifying sources, choosing a topic, finding articles, searching ACE Catalog, using the Web, and citing sources. There is a short explanation about the invisible web. In future posts I’ll illustrate how the invisible web and information literacy are related together. I had already explained in my late lamented Weblog in 2003.

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