Call for Contribution

I would like to explore some of the questions that I have had in my mind since I began reading weblogs and developing my own blog. There are many unanswered questions about the influence of weblogs on different groups of society including LIS people (e.g. academics, practitioners, students and librarians) that need to be answered. In this study I am using a simple method. I use my own weblog to call for contribution and collect the data. In fact, the blogger collects data in blogsphere, among blogger community and about blogging. I have ten questions as follows. If you like to contribute in this study please briefly answer the following questions and email your answers to me: y.mansourian at by the end of May 2007.
If you wish to take part in this study your name will not appear in any report resulting from this study and all information you provide is completely confidential. On completion of my research, I will be pleased to send you a summary report detailing the results. Moreover, you have the right to withdraw at any time, and your data will be destroyed immediately. If you do not want to answer all questions, you can answer as many questions as you wish.

Q1: For what purposes you read weblogs?
Q2: If you have your own weblog, for what purposes you develop it?
Q3: What kinds of weblogs are the most favourite ones for you?
Q4: How would you define a useful weblog?
Q5: How useful the existing weblogs in your area of study are found by you?
Q6: Can a weblog be considered as a source of information and a means of communication for the member of your community?
Q7: In your opinion which element/elements of weblogs are found the most attractive for weblog readers which encourage them to revisit a weblog?
Q8: Which elements of blogging do help bloggers to keep updating their weblogs? What are the sources of encouragement that keep them enthusiastic to maintain their weblog up-to-date?
Q9: What are the reasons that stop bloggers of continuing to maintain their weblog up-to-date? What are the sources of frustration for bloggers which lead them to give up blogging?
Q10: How does the reading behaviour of weblog readers and writing habit/style of bloggers change over time?

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