An Exploratory Journey During My Education Years (1)

This is an informal writing that I had written it about two years ago and I did not published it anywhere. I just bumped into it while I was idly browsing my old files: "I did my first degree (BSc.) in agriculture and plant breeding. After graduation from agriculture school I initially decided to continue my education in one of the master courses in agriculture. Nonetheless, I always had a feeling that there must be another subject which can be more suitable to my personal interests and can give me more satisfaction. Meanwhile a friend of mine who was an undergraduate student in a library school was very enthusiastic about his course and he usually talked with me about what he was studying. When he learned about my hesitation on selecting the subject for my further study he encouraged me to apply for the master of library and information science. I was not sure how successful I can be in this filed because it was totally different with what I had studied before. Even so, I found the topic very interesting and I started reading some textbooks of library science. Eventually, I applied for the master of library and information science which is a two years course in my country Iran. After graduation in master degree I began working in an academic library as a reference librarian. Interestingly, my familiarity with life science in general and with agricultural topics in particular was very helpful for those users who were looking for information in the related fields. It was an enjoyable job for me and when my help was useful for a user in finding what s/he was looking for I felt a real sense of satisfaction. Moreover, I gradually became interested in using of computerized facilities in libraries and I felt there are many things that I need to learn about the implementation of the new technologies in libraries and I decided to continue my study in PhD and I applied for PhD at the University of Sheffield ...

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