Folksonomies, the Web and Search Engines

Webology is going to publish a special issue on Folksonomies, the Web and Search Engines. Folksonomy is a user-generated system that allows users to tag their favorite web resources with their chosen natural-language words or phrases. These tags can be used to classify web resources and to express users' preferences. Folksonomy may be generated and shared collaboratively by the creators and consumers of web content.
Contributions to this issue should address folksonomies, taxonomies, knowledge organizartion, the Web and search engines. The topics are folksonomies, taxonomies, search engines,social bookmarking, social tagging, social classification, social softwares, social networks, social indexing, collaborative tagging, controlled vocabulary, knowledge organization, knowledge management and the role of the folksonomy in information retrieval. Submissions should follow the Author Guidelines of Webology avilable at this link.


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