Invisible Web Seminar In Esfahan

I just came back from a wonderful visit of Esfahan, a remarkable historic city in the middle of the county. In 25 May 2009, the main library of the Esfahan University held a one day seminar about the visible and invisible web. I was one of the invited speakers and I delivered a one hour presentation entitled “The Visibility and Invisibility of Information on the Web”. It was a brief summary of my studies on the invisible web concept over the last eight years. At the end of the seminar, I also took part in a panel to answer the participants’ questions. I can summarize my main message to the seminar simply as follows: “ … in my theory of information visibility on the web, I basically put the web user in the focal point of the definition of the invisible web and also consider the search context’s effects in the level of information visibility for each search session. This approach is considerably different with the common definition of this concept which is only focused on search engines’ functionality and overlooks the vital role of the user and the search context.”


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