Integration in the Information Sciences: Unity in Diversity (CoLIS 7)

Seventh International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS) was recently held at University College London. This events’ main theme was "Integration in the Information Sciences: Unity in Diversity" and the sub-themes included: theoretical and conceptual approaches to the study of the communication of information, including fundamental theory, methodological approaches, and new research agendas; convergence of theory and practice in the information disciplines, including the future of these disciplines, and their relation to practice in areas other than librarianship and information management; memory practices in physical and digital environments, including information collecting and organising practices, relation to information and document management; studies on participatory information and communication environments, including social media, participatory archives and digital libraries, and new information design practices and also education and training for information disciplines, including education and training in informatics aspects of other disciplines.

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