Value of Scholarly and Scientific Output

The workshop entitled “Assessing the Usage and Value of Scholarly and Scientific Output: An Overview of Traditional and Emerging Metrics” will take place on November 10, 2010 in Philadelphia. Experts in the fields of scientometrics will attend this event to discuss the new methods that are becoming increasingly important for measuring the usage and value of scholarly and scientific content, including large scientific data sets, and how those measures complement the more traditional, well-known approaches. The titles of some of the sessions and talks in this workshop are: The Usage Approach to Measuring Value; Evaluating the Use and Impacts of Scientific Data; The Eigenfactor; A New Perspective in Journal Metrics; The Citation Approach to Measuring Value: Citation Indexes, Journal Metrics, and the Impact Factors; Usage Statistics from the Librarian and Publisher Perspectives. The details of this event is available here.


iblee said…
Interesting to see what comes of value and value.

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