Library & Information Science Research

Library & Information Science Research has published the first issue of its 33th volume. The titles of some papers in this issue are:

Collaboration in information and library science doctoral education,

Gracious space: Library programming strategies towards immigrants as tools in the creation of social capital,

Trends in information behavior research, 1999–2008: A content analysis,

“I did not realize so many options are available”: Cognitive authority, emerging adults, and e-mental health,

Information behaviors of Latinos attending high school in East Los Angeles,

Neighborhood disparities in access to information resources: Measuring and mapping U.S. public libraries’ funding and service landscapes,

Evaluation of strategic plans in academic medical libraries,

Users' perceptions of university library websites: A unifying view,

Asking and sharing information in the blogosphere: The case of slimming blogs,

Towards an understanding of the use of an institutional repository with integrated social networking tools: A case study of PocketKnowledge.

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