My Poster Story

I have recently published a brief piece of writing about my experience of attending a poster competition at the University of Leeds in May 2005. This short article that I have called it “How Could I Win?” was published in the University of Sheffield’s International Student Newsletter, Issue 53, November 2005, page 4.
Here is a selection of the article: “…I was one of the fifteen research students form the University of Sheffield who took part in the competition. I really enjoyed attending there and I also learned a few things that are valuable to remember. Firstly, I learned what features a successful poster should possess. At the beginning I supposed it shouldn’t be very difficult to develop a poster to summarize my research project for the public. Nevertheless, very soon I realized it is not as easy as I initially supposed. First of all, I had to avoid any technical term. However, when you are explaining a specialized issue using the terminology of your research topic seems inevitable. Although, apparently I did my best to use very common words, after taking part in the competition I noticed I could use much simpler words. I also learned that a good poster; which might be literally about anything; is a succinct story with an obvious beginning and a clear end. Different posters may tell various stories but they all share some common features. They should be brief, self-evident and informative. Having these three elements together is the pivotal point of a successful poster".
To read the full article please follow this link here.

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