These days I am writing the first draft of my thesis since early morning to the late evening and after a day full of writing I like to browse the web for a few minutes as a break. This is quite funny; I research about the web, work with the web, write on the web, and take break by the web! The web is so informative and even a few minutes surfing of this huge ocean of information will provide you with a lot of interesting news. Sometimes we simply forget how amazing the web is and how lucky we are because of having the web. This is a great bonus for everyone. I am really happy that my PhD research is directly related to this fantastic phenomenon.
Anyway, I just came across another conference about the pedagogy in higher education. Like lifelong learning pedagogy is one of my favourite topics. I do not much about it and I would like to know more because I have always been fascinated by the educational aspects of my career as a librarian and my research as a web search researcher. I just keep posting new entries about different conferences. The first conference of the pedagogical research in higher education (PRHE) entitled “Pedagogical Research: Enhancing student success” will be held at the Liverpool Hope University. If you like to have more details please look at the website.

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