Information Commons

Information Commons is an initiative at the University of Sheffield which is defined as:
“… more than a library, more than a study space, more than an IT centre; the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So the Information Commons deserved a new name for a new concept.”
Information Commons seems to me as a new form of libraries in the 21st century. What is more important than the physical form of Information Commons is the valuable concept behind it which is Inquiry-Based Learning. According to their website:
“Inquiry-based learning is a strongly student-centred approach that places research at the heart of the student learning experience. Student-led inquiries, including research through case- and problem-based methods as well as more open-ended investigations and projects, are the means of engaging students actively and creatively with the questions and problems of their academic discipline. The skills that students develop will be particularly applicable to their future employment and lifelong learning.”
Inquiry-based learning defines our role as people who facilitate Life Long Learning and not just categoriser of information. I think we all need to seriously pay more attention to concepts like information literacy, inquiry-based learning and life long learning. For more information about ‘Information Commons’ please have a look at this address:

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