Real or Virtual!

We all know what we mean by the virtual world and how it differs with the real world. However, it seems to me that nowadays the virtual world is getting closer to the real world. Perhaps it sounds a little bit bizarre, but sometimes I think where this virtual world is really! For example, since today morning I have been living in the virtual world more than the real world. I checked my email, sent and got messages; I did online banking, checked out my car’s MOT number on the online database and read the news. Like everyone else, I frequently do online shopping, book train ticket, book hotel reservation, pay my gas and electricity bills, top-up my mobile phone and more interestingly I do blogging and now you are reading my posts and all of these things happen in the virtual world, somewhere in the space. Anyway, I just thought the virtual world should not be as virtual as we suppose.


Ehsan Mohammadi said…
Dear Mr Mansourain
I feel this reality in my life and work why that I called my blog virtual Ehsan Real Blog.

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