Yahoo Answers

My friend, Hamid who is a PhD student in London, emailed me and some other friends recently about Yahoo Answers. As his experience of this service was interesting to hear I asked him to let me upload his email here. He wrote to us as follows:

“I'm sure you all have heard of Yahoo answers and probably have seen its ads around where you live. If you haven't tried it, make sure you do. It’s amazing how many people are spending time answering other people's questions. I've posted a couple of questions during the last few weeks and normally I got answers within seconds. If I was going to find the answers by browsing the web, it would've taken me hours. But with this service you have access to the experience and knowledge of many people. Especially if your questions have an element of point of view or recommendation, this is the way to find the answer. Of course it depends on the kind of questions."

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