Summer Activities

This is my first summer after the completion of my PhD with less work and more free time. However, I am not totally on leave and do some educational activities. For example, I ran a one-day workshop at Astan Quds library on Tuesday 31 July. The workshop's topic was about my main research interest, the invisible web and information seeking behaviour on the web. I explored the differences between the literature-based definition of the invisible web and what I mean by this phenomenon based on my PhD research. More than thirty members of the library staff participated in the workshop. Some of the comments that I received about the model of cognitive invisibility (published in 2006 in JDOC vol. 62, issue 5) were very useful to view the model from the perspective of some experienced librarians. I tried to explain the practical implications of the model in theory, policy and practice.
I also had a speech today for a group of the librarians who work in the cultural centres. It was about the principles of library management in public libraries. I just illustrated a general picture of this issue and highlighted the pivotal importance of user satisfaction in evaluating library services. I also referred to the educational aspects of librarianship and the role that we as librarians can play to instruct library users to be life-long and independent learners.

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