67+1 Types of Libraries

After a review of a number of sources I have identified 67 types of libraries. I would like to add "Future Libraries" as the 68th item in the list. Therefore, I have called the list as 67+1. Of course, these groups of libraries can be re-categorized into some broader categories. The criteria which might be considered to regroup these libraries are: size of the collection, type and format of resources, level of specificity in the collected materials, resource development policy, potential and actual users, geographical features, mission statement, and library service policy in each category. However, in this post I'd like to only name all of these types as follows which have been sorted alphabetically:

Academic & University Libraries, Affiliated Libraries, Agricultural Science Libraries, Ancient and Medieval Libraries, Art Libraries, Audio-visual Libraries,
Blind People Libraries, Box Libraries, Branch Libraries, Caravan Libraries,
Central & Main Libraries, Chained Libraries, Children Libraries, Circulating Libraries, Class Libraries, College Libraries, Copyright Libraries, County Libraries, Cybermobile Libraries, Departmental Libraries, Depository Libraries,
Digital Libraries, Disabled People Libraries, Document Depository Libraries,
Esperanto Libraries, Floating Libraries, General Libraries, General Research Libraries, Governmental Libraries, Health Science Libraries, Hospital Libraries,
Hybrid Libraries, Important People's Libraries or Libraries about important people, Industrial Libraries, Institutional Libraries, International Libraries, Libraries for Special Users, Mobile Libraries, Mosque Libraries, Municipal Libraries, Museum Libraries, Music Libraries, National Libraries, Parliamentary Libraries, Patent Libraries, Prison Libraries, Private Libraries, Public Libraries, Reference Libraries, Regional Libraries, Religious Libraries, Rental Libraries, Repository Libraries, Research Libraries, Royal Libraries, Rural Libraries, School Libraries, Sister Libraries, Special Libraries, State Libraries, Students' Libraries, Subscription Libraries, Technical Libraries, Teenage Libraries, Toy Libraries, Traveling Libraries, Urban Libraries, and finally Future Libraries. In LIS research we can do a variety of studies based on the types of libraries. The possibilities are almost endless. I'll mention some of them in the future posts.

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