Knowledge Sharing in Interdisciplinary Fields

Recently, I have become so interested to the area of Knowledge Management and have reviewed a number of books and papers in this topic. Some of these papers were very informative and enlightening and opened new horizons to my mind. Among different aspects of KM I found the process of Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Networks so fascinating. In particular when I can see the links between these aspects of KM and learning procedures I can see many potential topics for further research. Moreover, I like to learn more about the process of leaning and knowledge sharing in the interdisciplinary subjects and for interdisciplinary people. As I have had always an interdisciplinary view during my education years, I'd like to learn more about what happens to interdisciplinary people when they interact with fellow researchers from other subjects. I like the interdisciplinary nature of my subject (Information Science) as the most attractive feature of this field. The subjects that I consider in my interdisciplinary perspective are psychology, sociology, management, computer science and education.

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