Non-English Web Retrieval

Journal of Information Retrieval is going to publish a special Issue on Non-English Web Retrieval. In their call for paper they mentioned "... recent Web statistics showed that almost 65% of the online citizens are non-English language users. As the Web population continues to grow, especially in Asia, Africa, and South America, more non-English users will be amassed online. Recent studies showed that non-English queries and unclassifiable queries have nearly tripled in the last decade. The main conclusion from previous research is that most search engine features are primarily focused on the English language. Based on previous studies and on the experiences and conclusions of the iNEWS07 (Improving Non-English Web Searching) ACM SIGIR'07 topics of interest include: Evaluation, User search behaviour, Query log analysis, Indexing, Information extraction Summarization, User studies, Retrieval models, Question answering, Natural language processing, Concept based image retrieval, Creation of multi-lingual web collections Intranet/enterprise search, Text categorization and clustering, Digital libraries and Cross language and multilingual retrieval.

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