Conference Themes for Research in LIS

Following my previous post about the conference of "Research in LIS: Approaches, Procedures and Implications", this post provides you with details of the its themes. The focal premise of this event is research, in its broadest form, in Library and Information Sciences (LIS). Various aspects of research activities including research approaches, methodologies, practical implications of research findings and so on form the main topics. Accordingly, we have categorized this general area into the following topics:

- Evaluation and Assessment of LIS Research Methods
- Research-based Learning and Teaching in LIS Curricula
- Enhancing Librarians and Information Professionals' Research Skills
- Contribution of Research Based Materials in LIS Publications
- Implications of Research Findings on Libraries' Services
- Roles of Research on Fostering Interdisciplinary Links in LIS
- Comparing Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in LIS Research
- LIS Research Trends in the Past, Present and Future
- Collaboration of LIS Schools in Developing Research Policies
- Roles of LIS Associations in Development of Research Activities
- Interactions of the Theory and Practice in LIS Research and Improving Practical Implication of Research Studies.

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