Digital Preservation

Planets (Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services) will host the second in a series of five three-day training events in Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 16-18 September 2009. ‘Digital Preservation – The Planets Way’ will consider the need to preserve digital content, the action that needs to be taken and introduce the Planets approach to addressing these issues. The following quotation from their website justifies the necessity of these kinds of initiatives: “... as more information is created or stored digitally there is a need to take action to preserve digital collections in the same way as there is a need to preserve physical collections of books, journals, images, film, audio and manuscripts. The rapid rate at which technology is evolving and digital material is degraded presents particular challenges about what to preserve, which features to preserve, for how long, for what usage and how to undertake preservation activities”. According to their website the following themes will be explored in this event: Understand what is involved in preserving digital content, Learn about the range of services and tools that are available including Planets, Gain hands-on experience of digital preservation and the use of Planets tools, Obtain skills to use the tools through training and practical exercises, Opportunity to ask questions and discuss the issues of digital preservation, Share examples of best practice with colleagues.

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