Electronic Content Librarian

I always wanted to do a content analysis of job announcements in the area of LIS, but never found a chance for it, as I have always been too busy with my “To Do List”! I am sure similar studies must have been done by now and their findings should be very interesting. These studies illustrate the qualifications and skills that nowadays’ employers expect from LIS graduates. For example, today in a job announcement I saw the following job description and responsibilities for an Electronic Content Librarian who “will assist with implementing usability and access to digital resources and with developing marketing-communication tools ... primary responsibilities include: perform content analysis and mapping to determine navigation and layout; define workflows, content authoring and review policies; create new graphics and visual designs within existing guidelines; implement RSS feeds and similar notification features; assist with usability testing and translating results into design and organization updates; identify, recommend, and implement new modes and techniques of communication to promote awareness of new services; and create marketing and communication awareness products.”

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