Repository Librarian

Following my previous posts about the new job titles for librarians, today I saw a job announcement for Repository Librarian who should “ ... support faculty members, students, and staff with information, training, and assistance in depositing digital materials ... communicate with depositors, maintain website and online documentation; work with librarians, faculty, and the heads of the various academic, administrative, and research units on campus to identify materials that would be appropriate to include in the depository system, explain expectations, policies, and workflows, negotiate deposit agreements, provide services, training, and support and investigate and resolve user issues; manage the ingest of materials, including mapping user requirements and metadata to repository functionality and standards; contribute to the planning and development of strategy, functionality, and capacity by gathering and analyzing depositor and user input and feedback; participate in the development and implementation of policies and workflows that govern the deposit and management of content, including those regarding appropriate content, metadata standards, access conditions, intellectual property rights and copyright, commitments to depositors, and types and levels of service; provide orientation and training, policies, and workflows to Library staff and others who have faculty liaison and support responsibilities; manage grant and other externally funded and other similar duties.

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