Celebrating 15 Year of Dublin Core

Making Metadata Work Harder: Celebrating 15 Year of Dublin Core is the international conference on Dublin Core and metadata applications which will take place on 20-22 October 2010, in Pittsburgh. This event’s topics include: metadata principles, guidelines, and best practices, metadata quality, normalization, improvement and mapping, conceptual models and frameworks (e.g., RDF, DCAM, OAIS), metadata interoperability across domains, languages, time, structures, and scales, cross-domain metadata uses (e.g., recordkeeping, preservation, curation, institutional repositories, publishing), domain metadata (e.g., for corporations, cultural memory institutions, education, government, and scientific fields), bibliographic standards (e.g., RDA, FRBR, subject headings) as Semantic Web vocabularies, accessibility metadata, metadata for scientific data, e-Science and grid applications, social tagging and user participation in building metadata, Knowledge Organization Systems (e.g., ontologies, taxonomies, authority files, folksonomies, and thesauri) and Simple Knowledge Organization Systems (SKOS), ontology design and development, integration of metadata and ontologies, metadata generation (methods, tools, and practices), search engines and metadata, semantic Web metadata and applications, and finally vocabulary registries and registry services.

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