SIGIR 2010

The 33rd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference will take place 19-23 July 2010, in Geneva, Switzerland. According to their call for paper, the conference’s topics include: “Document Representation and Content Analysis (e.g., text representation, document structure, linguistic analysis, non-English IR, cross-lingual IR, information extraction, sentiment analysis, clustering, classification, topic models, facets, clustering, classification, topic models, facets), Queries and Query Analysis (e.g., query representation, query intent, query log analysis, question answering, query suggestion, query reformulation), Users and Interactive IR (e.g., user models, user studies, user feedback, search interface, summarization, task models, personalized search), Retrieval Models and Ranking (e.g., IR theory, language models, probabilistic retrieval models, feature-based models, learning to rank, combining searches, diversity), Search Engine Architectures and Scalability ( e.g., indexing, compression, MapReduce, distributed IR, P2P IR, mobile devices), Filtering and Recommending (e.g., content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, recommender systems, profiles), Evaluation (e.g., test collections, effectiveness measures, experimental design), Web IR and Social Media Search (e.g., link analysis, query logs, social tagging, social network analysis, advertising and search, blog search, forum search, CQA, adversarial IR), IR and Structured Data (e.g., XML search, ranking in databases, desktop search, entity search), Multimedia IR (e.g., Image search, video search, speech/audio search, music IR), and Other Applications (e.g., digital libraries, enterprise search, vertical search, genomics IR, legal IR, patent search, text reuse)".

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