EBLIP6: Valuing Knowledge and Expertise

The sixth International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP6): Valuing Knowledge and Expertise will be held at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester, UK from 27th-30th June 2011. Key themes include, but are not restricted to:
Evidence Based Practice: Reflection
* Reflective practice and its relationship to EBLIP
* Reflection on EBLIP
* Questioning and adapting the EBP model for the specific needs of EBLIP
Evidence Based Practice: Impact and Value
* Methods of demonstrating impact and value within an evidence based context
* The use of EBLIP to demonstrate value or impact
* Practising EBLIP in times of financial uncertainty
* Maximising the value of the individual case study in library research
* Outcome indicators: what must we measure, what should we measure and what could we measure
Evidence Based Practice: Practicality and Applicability?
* The practicality of using the EBLIP model
* Is EBLIP applicable in your setting
* Practical methods for EBLIP
* Applicable methods for EBLIP
* Implementing evidence based practice into systems or culture
Evidence Based Practice: Innovation, Education and Research
* EBLIP in the LIS curriculum
* Web 2.0 as a vehicle for enabling EBLIP
* Evaluating Web 2.0 using the EBLIP model
* The inter-relation of innovation, good practice and EBLIP
* Relationship between EBLIP and research
As I am member of the International Programme Committee at this conference, I will write more detailed posts in the next entries. Abstract submission is open now and for more information you can visit the conference website.

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