Journal of Informetrics

Journal of Informetrics has published the fourth issue of its fourth volume. The titles of some research papers appeared in this issue are: The development of an AI journal ranking based on the revealed preference approach; Growth behavior of publications and patents: A comparative study on selected Asian economies; Word co-occurrences on Webpages as a measure of the relatedness of organizations: A new Webometrics concept; Can information ethics be conceptualized by using the core/periphery model? Publication point indicators: A comparative case study of two publication point systems and citation impact in an interdisciplinary context; The effect of scholar collaboration on impact and quality of academic papers; Ranking of library and information science researchers: Comparison of data sources for correlating citation data; and expert judgments; A relational database for bibliometric analysis; A research impact indicator for institutions and Geographic characteristics of the growth of informetrics literature 1987–2008.

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