Photos on this Weblog

I am posting this entry just to clarify some issues about the photos on this weblog. First of all, there is no link between the photos and the contents of each post. Therefore, please do not seek any connection between contents and photos because there isn’t any. I just upload photos to make the weblog somehow colourful and hopefully more interesting. Moreover, over a period of time this weblog has turned to a personal album for me and sometimes I look back and browse the photos which remind me the places that I have been. In addition, all photos on this weblog have been and are taken by me. I bought a digital camera three years ago and since then I have taken more than three to four thousands photos by it. Photos displayed on the weblog form only a small selection of that collection. Most photos have been taken in different parts of Britain and a few in Sweden. I can write a caption for each photo to explain about it, but to be honest I cannot spend any more time on the weblog and just keeping it up-to-date is time-consuming enough.


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