Blogging across Borders and Cultures

International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies (IJICST) is going to publish a Special Issue on Blogging across Borders and Cultures. In the journal’s call for paper it has been mentioned that: " ... since the late 1990s, Internet users have utilized blogs as one of the most ubiquitous communication tools to connect with audiences worldwide. Today blogging is firmly entrenched into the fabric of contemporary society. Versatile blogging systems provide unlimited access to web-publishing platforms that are free, preprogrammed, and easy to use. An example of social interactive technologies application used for generating and distributing content, blogging offers people of diverse backgrounds and organizations from both public and private realms ample opportunities for communication, interaction, sharing, and collaboration." In the Objective of the Special Issue the journal announced that: “IJICST focuses on a broad spectrum of second-generation web-based interactive technologies, their applications, functions, and services. This special issue aims to provide a broad audience of academics, researchers and practitioners with a cross-disciplinary examination of blogging issues, contexts, concepts, and trends in diverse contexts and at various levels of communication. Topics in this special issue include the following:
• Diffusion of blogging across geographical regions and cultures
• Impact and applications of blogging systems and technologies
• Issues, viewpoints, and perspectives on blogging in diverse contexts
and at various levels of communication
• Theories, philosophies, visions, principles, and functionalities of

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