Weblog Changes the Web

While looking in my old files, I came across a piece of writing that I have written it in 2005 and as far as I remember, I never published it somewhere. I even can not remember why I wrote it five years ago! Anyway, I would like to upload it here now to share it with you.

Weblog Changes the Web: a Personal View

Since the early years of 1990s the Web has changed the world and now Weblog is changing the web. While writing this paper, the Microsoft Word programme puts a red line under the word “Weblog” indicating this is a wrong spelling and should be changed. However, weblog is one of our today’s buzzwords and probably will be consider in the next version of this software. It shows weblog has come to our daily conversation recently. Nevertheless, its growth and popularity has been extraordinary.

Weblog is a convenient tool for publishing various kinds of information. It is a multidimensional phenomenon in the web environment. It represents diverse meanings and applications for different people. It can be just a new form of diary for a teenager, a learning journal for a research student, a subject gateway for a scholar or a tribune for a politician in exile.

An astonishing growth of the number and diversity of the weblogs is notable. If somebody claims the growth rate of blogging has been much faster than any other web-based activities it seems acceptable and it would not be an exaggeration. Here, there are two main questions in relation to weblog. What does make a weblog different with a website? and what is the mystique of the weblog’s popularity?

The answer of both questions can be found through mulling over the distinctive features of a weblog. A weblog not only would contain all features and advantages of an ordinary website such as containing text, picture, audio-visual attractions and links but also it possesses something more. A weblog’s contents are constantly changed and updated usually based on a chronological order. It is like a periodical that continues through the time while a website’s hardly enjoys this characteristic. On the other hand, establishing a weblog is so easy, much easier than the other e-publishing facilities. In the last but not at the least, the interactive feature of weblog makes it more fascinating for both weblog poster and the reader.

Weblog is not just a place for putting information; it is a reliable and effective device to getting and gathering information too. It is not just for speaking, it is an opportunity for listening as well. Therefore, the weblog is an arena for dialog, the things that now human kind needs it more crucially than ever. Making a weblog is a sort of thinking with loud voice and an escape door from loneliness and isolation. Therefore interactivity is one of the major mystiques of weblog’s popularity.

Its other attractive property is the archiving facility that preserves the previous materials over the time and the poster of the weblog can mange and categorize them according posting date or based on the topic. Usually, in definition of weblog, it is compared with diary. Although this comparison is not wrong, it is not all-inclusive. An ordinary diary is production of just one individual and is read just by the writer or occasionally by his/her relatives, except it would be published someday.

Diary publication is usually limited to the famous people and more often than not after their death! So there is no chance to develop it regarding the reader’s views or for sharing the ideas. However, the condition of the weblog is entirely different. A diary is a device to archive somebody’s thoughts and memories, while a weblog is a live position for dialog and communication.

Although Weblog starts off by its reader’s willing, it continues with cooperation of its readers as well. Naturally, the readers’ comments affect on the next contents and also a weblog always includes the writer and readers view together. Weblog world is the real web; it is a web of thoughts, news and views. People write their ideas and feelings and the others empathize, sympathize, criticize or admire them. Particularly the opportunity of anonymity of the writer and reader make an atmosphere of liberty and frankness. Generally, the benefits of this free atmosphere are more than its disadvantages.

As a summary, what differentiate the Weblog from the other facilities of the web are its fantastic features in service of human communication. Weblog is so significant because it is easy to use, interactive and chronological. It continues through the time. These characteristics bring back the readers again and again. Each weblog can act as a daily personal newspaper which is usually managed by one (in single-poster weblogs) or few persons (in multi-poster weblogs) and is read by many.

Finally, for information science professionals weblog is a new area of research. There are many research potential to carry our new studies about this remarkable phenomenon. Content analysis of different groups of weblogs, investigating the weblog posting and weblog reading on people’s life and prospective roles of weblog to enhance information accessibility are just a few examples.

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