Management Fields

One of the modules that I teach in this semester is “The Basics of Organization and Management”. As in this course I have to illustrate an overall picture of a very broad subject, I needed to briefly describe main theories and trends in management, and then introduce various fields in this subject. Obviously, regarding the broadness of the subject, even in the best possible situation, we only can take a glance at each filed. For instance, the following topics are examples of these fields which are sorted alphabetically: Accounting Management, Applied Engineering, Change Management, Conflict Management, Commercial Operations Management, Communication Management, Cost Management, Crisis Management, Critical Management Studies, Customer Relationship Management, Decision Making Styles, Design Management, Disaster Management, Distributed Management, Educational Management, Engineering Management, Environmental Management, Facility Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Hospital Management, Information Technology Management, Innovation Management, Knowledge Management, Leadership, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Product Management, Public Administration, Quality Management, Research Management, Resource Management, Risk Management, Rural Management, Sport Management, Strategic Management, Stress Management, Supply Chain Management, and finally Time Management.

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