Research Areas in Information Science

I think one of the quickest ways to have an overall picture of what is happening in a subject, is taking a look at the activities of the related scientific societies. In fact, in this way we can map the breadth and boundaries of an academic discipline. For example, in Information Science, ASIS&T (American Society for Information Science and Technology) has 21 SIGs (Special Interest Groups) including the following ones:
Arts & Humanities (AH), Bioinformatics (BIO), Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts (BWP), Classification Research, (CR), Critical Issues (CRIT), Digital Libraries (DL), Education for Information Sci. (ED), Health Informatics (HLTH) (formerly Medical Informatics MED), History & Foundations of Information Science (HFIS), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Architecture (IA), Information Needs, Seeking and Use (USE), Information Policy (IFP), International Information Issues (III), Knowledge Management (KM), Library Technologies (LT), Management (MGT), Metrics (MET), Scientific & Technical Information Science (STI), Social Informatics (SI) (formerly TIS), Visualization, Images & Sound (VIS).

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