Digital Enabled Social Networks

The next special issue of Information Systems Journal (ISJ) will focus on “Interpreting Digital Enabled Social Networks”. According to the journal’s call for paper: “The aim of this special issue is to advance the state of social network research within the IS field by discussing and disseminating empirical results gained through interpretative studies ... topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

New qualitative approaches to study digital enabled social networks

Assessing the nature and quality of information exchange and knowledge creation in digital enabled social networks

IS case studies that describe how digital enabled social networks can be harnessed in organisational settings

Open innovation/co-creation through digital enabled social networks

Interpretative studies investigating entrepreneurship and the rise of occupational communities through digital enabled social networks

Interpretative insights of leadership and governance in digital enabled social networks

Qualitative approaches to examine the interplay between online and offline social networks

Social networks and IT adoption

Interpretative studies to ascertain the role of ICT in the diffusion of information, trends, behaviours, and innovations in social networks

Combining social network analysis and qualitative approaches in IS research
Methodological issues in IS social network research

Critical reviews of the digital enabled social network literature."

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